Community Partners at the School

Earth Week & Arbor Day (April 2011)

Students and staff dressed in green to celebrate Earth Week and Arbor Day.

Billy B. Assembly

Billy B. was a PTA sponsored assembly that highlighted environmental science concepts.  This engaging and interactive presentation blended zany humor with solid science facts which showed children how they can protect the environment and use renewable resources. His simple, catchy lyrics and dynamic movements created clear images that children can remember and repeat on their own.
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Blue Sky Puppet Company

The Blue Sky Puppet Company came to visit our school during Energy Conservation Week.  They discussed the importance of conserving energy with the students and ways that students can contribute to conserving energy.  The kid-friendly presentation grabbed the interest of all of our students, and the message was clear and concise.
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Educating Families


Bellows Spring hosted a speaker, Kim Drake, who is an environmental specialist.  She volunteered her time to speak to the staff and parents at Bellows Spring.  She discussed ways to be green at home, at school, and at work.  She brought many items that she uses in her home to share with the group.  Everyone learned a lot about the environment and ways to protect the earth.

Alicia Moore


Alicia Moore, Recycling Coordinator for Howard County, came to our school to discuss the merits of recycling to the fifth grade green team.  She was a fabulous and engaging presenter!  She spoke to the kids in a kid-friendly manner, and the students loved listening to her.  These student were then responsible for educating the school about recycling in our cafeteria.  They created a power point presentation and posters for the walls to show during each lunch shift.  The recycling program has been a success! 

Community Event


The following companies/organizations were a part of making our community event a success.  They either donated or discounted supplies for us to use throughout the day.  Several people also donated their time to come out and help or educate the families who participated on this day.
  • Home Depot
  • Lowes
  • Frank Rhodes
  • Walmart
  • Target
  • Garden Design Build Group
  • River Hill Nursery
  • Krissy Hopkins- Chesapeake Research Consortium
  • Linsey Leiterman- Office of Environmental Sustainability and Dept. of Planning and Zoning
  • Diane Sweeny- Energy Maintenance Specialist for Howard County Public Schools

Bug Guy Visit to Second Grade


The Bug Guy that came to visit second grade was another presentation from the Master Gardeners.  He discussed the differences between good bugs vs. bad bugs in our environment.  His presentation defined an insect, illustrated the diversity of the insect population and concluded that all insects are part of the greater ecosystem in which we live.  The good bugs discussed are bees, dragonflies, ladybugs, butterflies, and praying mantis while the bad bugs include the aphid, Japanese beetle and mosquitos. 

Chesapeake Bay Trust

Without this grant our school would not have been successful in painting the storm drains in the area.  This money allowed our committee to purchase all the supplies necessary for completing this part of the day. 
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Department of Natural Resources

Every volunteering family at our community event was given a pine tree sapling to celebrate Arbor Day.  They were encouraged to take them home and plant them as a celebration of our hard work and commitment to the environment.  These trees were acquired from the Department of Natural Resources.